Why Australia?

Stone Axe Pastoral operations are based in strategic locations around Australia for the following reasons:

  • Accessibility to integrated feedlot and abattoir facilities across Australia
  • Growing demand for Australia premium beef in international and domestic markets
  • Diversification to achieved reliable rainfall and feed growing seasons
  • Close proximity to key Asian markets

Property : Alfreda, Ebor

Alfreda – Ebor

  • Purchased by Stone Axe Pastoral on 13th February 2018
  • Alfreda is located 88km north east of Armidale
  • Annual average rainfall of 900mm

Glen Alvie – Ebor

  • Purchased by Stone Axe Pastoral in June 2017
  • Glen Alvie is located 79 km’s from Armidale in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales
  • The property is in a high rainfall belt receiving 1200 – 1500 mm a year
  • Glen Alvie will also be worked in unison with Satellite property ‘Alfreda’ purchased by Stone Axe in February 2018, located 18 km’s by road from Glen Alvie in Wongwibinda

Cheviot Hills – Kojonup

  • Cheviot Hills is located 260km’s South East of Perth, Western Australia
  • The property has a significant water entitlement, with state-of-the-art infrastructure including solar pumps and mobile monitoring access
  • Reliable rainfall and feed growing seasons
  • Government approval for a 20,000 head capacity feedlot
  • Stone Axe is continuing to develop plans to integrate an abattoir into the approved feedlot facility


Stone Axe Pastoral owns a large fullblood Wagyu herd, which forms the basis of its fullblood Wagyu donor herd.

The fullblood Wagyu donor herd is located at Holbrook Vet Centre, NSW, under the careful management of embryologist Reon Holmes. The fullblood Wagyu donor herd is derived from the original fullblood Wagyu breeding lines imported into Australia.

Our Founder exported from Japan to the USA three champion Japanese registered fullblood Wagyu sires and 84 superior quality Japanese registered fullblood Wagyu females. Being the first ever export of fullblood Wagyu females out of Japan. The first imports of fullblood Wagyu genetics arrived in Australia in 1998. The fullblood Wagyu breeding line developed by Mr Walker now accounts for more than 70% of all Wagyu genetics in Australia.

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